Embroidered kurta sets are the most preferred when it comes to traditional celebrations. Embroidery thread is a yarn that is produced or hand-spun especially for embellishment and different kinds of sewing. It is likewise pleasant to comprehend the various kinds of embroidery strings that one can utilize in their designs so that one knows which will be the most proper for which sort of embroidery. Even if you don't have to create the designs, it can also be beneficial for you as you can suggest your designer better in terms of what you like and what will suit your personality better.

Amazing Thread Embroidery That Gives You An Ideal Traditional Attire

Embroidery patterns in India include dozens of embroidery forms that deviate by country and clothing forms. Patterns in Indian embroidery are made based on the form and the composition of the material and the stitch. The spot and the temporary spot, the ring, the rectangle, the triangle, and transformations and sequences of these create the form.

What all goes into the making of an ideal traditional attire?

The making of an ideal traditional attire is intricately done. This embroidered kurta with palazzo is the most loved traditional attire that people prefer these days. The following are the things that go in the making of all our traditional embroidered outfits:
  1. Embroidery: Embroidery is the art of embellishing cloth or different elements utilizing a needle to practice thread or string. Embroidery may also include other articles such as jewels, pearls, feathers, and sequins. In contemporary times, embroidery is ordinarily observed on hats, headpieces, jackets, covers, dress shirts, denim, robes, hosiery, and golf shirts. Embroidery is possible with a broad assortment of thread or fabrication colors.
  2. Motifs: Motif stitch can be utilized for materials or satiety. You can produce ornamental contours using several decorations from the collection file. You can adjust the circular angle, bearings, and measure, and alter the area between designs. Motifs are reproduced in equal rows to create ornamental capacities.
  3. Stunning thread: Threads are the most important thing when it comes to embroidery. Using high-quality threads is the most important thing. There are various kinds of threads that you can use in hand embroidery. The different types of threads that are used for embroidery are Embroidery floss, pearl cotton, Rayon floss, Crewel thread, Persian yarn, Silk threads, Crochet thread, Sashiko thread, ribbons, variegated threads, and many more.
  4. Intricate detailings: It is very necessary to have different patterns on every outfit and for this, it is necessary to have different detailings which would even make the outfits unique and stand out from each other.

Types of embroidery

As we all know various types of embroideries can be found. All these embroidery kinds are unique in their own form and pattern that stand out for sure. The different types are:
  1. Chikankari: This Traditional embroidery technique from Lucknow; called Chikankari, is considered to have been proposed by Nur Jehan; and is the most immeasurable textile design technique.
  2. Phulkari: Phulkari embroidery is from Punjab and is the second most favorite thing after the famous sarsoon ka saag, from this quarter. Phulkari incorporates floral work themes. The stitches in Phulkari are embroidered on the backside of the material so that the design takes place in the foreground. Handspun or natural dyed khadi fabric is majorly utilized for Phulkari embroidery.
  3. Zardozi: Zardozi embroidery is from the estates of Persia and is an antique art of stitching gold and silver strings on the material. During the Mughal era, Zardozi was utilized to adorn royal outfits. Original zari work was created by utilizing gems and valuable jewels with genuine gold and silver strings.
Apart from the above-mentioned, there are various other forms of embroidery that you can find and incorporate into your outfit.

Embroidered outfits at Idalia

At Idalia, you can find a variety of Indian traditional dresses that are a perfect fit for your celebrations. Embroidered outfits are the best and the most loved when it comes to traditional outfits. At Idalia's website, you can find a huge range of embroidered outfits that will perfectly fit your style and personality. The outfits are:
  1. Gold Print Kurta With Schiffli embroidered Palazzo Pant: Our Gold Print Kurta that comes with Schiffli Palazzo Pant has an Ivory boat neck kurta, and comes with elbow sleeves. Moreover, this kurta set additionally appears along with loops detailing, arrives with a front cut, and matches with schiffli embroidered palazzo pants as well.
  2. Rose Gold Embroided Straight Kurta With Palazzo Pants: Our Rose Gold Embroided Straight Kurta comes with Palazzo Pants that have Rose gold embroidery. This kurta is a rayon slub straight kurta, arrives with a boat neck, has elasticated long sleeves, and also has side slits. This gold embroidered kurta comes with Palazzo Pants as a complete set. This kurta set's Palazzo pants arrive with elastic delivering it effortless for you to diminish it. Amidst this one-color kurta set, you can definitely improve your garments game.
  3. Cantaloupe Embroidered Kurta With White Palazzo Pants: Our Cantaloupe Embroidered Kurta arrives with white palazzo pants that come with a Mandarin Collar and have Three-Quarter Sleeves. Moreover, this embroidered kurta set additionally comes with Piping And Thread Detailing, and also comes with a Pair Of Solid Palazzo Pants. This embroidered kurta set is the most desirable outfit for your everyday commute as well as for office conferences and meetings.
  4. Grey Embroidered Kurta: This Grey Embroidered Kurta of ours is a grey embroidered kurta, that appears with a round neck, and has three-quarter sleeves. Moreover, this grey embroidered kurta has pipe-in detailing and is a calf-length kurta. This grey embroidered kurta of ours is the best fitting for your celebrations and lunch plans with relatives during gaieties. This kurta can also be worn to your office meetings and conferences.
  5. Embroidered Black Kurta With Palazzo Pants: This Embroidered Black Kurta of ours arrives with Palazzo Pants and is a Black Embroidered kurta. This embroidered black kurta has a Round V neck and also has Three-Quarter Sleeves. Furthermore, this embroidered kurta of ours additionally arrives with Thread detailing and combines with a pair Of Palazzo pants making it a complete set for you to wear to the office or small gatherings with family.
All our embroidered outfits are intricately designed by the designers at Idalia that wish to keep our customers in trend and make them stand out. These embroidery patterns are evergreen and so unique that they will definitely make heads turn.


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