Everyone wishes to dress and be in style every time they step out of their home. Those who can style themselves fabulously each day are truly blessed. But for those who can't don't worry, Idalia has come up with womens western wear that will keep you in style always. Here, you all can know the best styling tips, a perfect guide that will make you look good every day. At times, you can also get out of your comfort zone just to experiment with style as it will help you decide on what style suits you the best.

Fashion Styling Tips: A Woman's Guide to Looking Good
You can also have the basic things already in your wardrobe ready such as a belt, a bag that can go with all your outfits, a cap or a hat, minimal makeup items, sunglasses, and a few more things according to your needs. On our online portal- Idalia, you can find a variety of outfits that will fit all different kinds of events and days. From western wear to ethnic wear we have united everything just for you under one roof. You can find a variety of cuts and trims that are unique in nature and will help you stand out always. Now let us talk about the guide on what will help you style and the look best always!


Fortunately, just for you, we’ve wheeled up the first 15 style tips that all women should apprehend. While they may appear inadequate and manageable, certain helpful advice will transform the method that you dress every day. Whether you’re directed to a job, out for cocktails, or even to Sunday brunch, these information treasures are certain to see you attending chic and amazing every time you walk out of the apartment be it in tops and tunics or in a dress. The styling tips are:
  1. Know your style: It is very important to know your personal style because accordingly your everyday clothes can be decided. This step is very necessary and is the first thing to decide on as based on this you can decide what type of attire to buy.
  2. Organize your wardrobe: Organizing the wardrobe is the next step. Filter out things that you need and keep them aside. Organizing things will help you clarify what to buy and what you need for your closet.
  3. Eradicate things that you don't need: Once you have things organized, you will know things that you don't want to keep. You can donate these things to someone in need or give them to someone who you think would style.
  4. Know your body shape: Knowing your body helps you get the perfect size for your clothes. It's also better to try the clothes as the size might differ sometimes. When it comes to designer kurta sets, you can opt to go for a size bigger in case you are not sure while purchasing online. In such cases, you can always alter the garments.
  5. Get your measurements done: If you don't wish to get ready-made clothes or also want to know the exact size, it is always preferable to get your measurements done. This way you will have a perfect size and exact measurements for your outfits.
  6. Mix and match patterns: Sometimes it is also advisable to wear clothes that have mix and match patterns. Such mix and match patterns outfits are sometimes very nice and interesting to wear on a summer day or a casual day at work or when out with friends.
  7. Select colors according to your skin tone: You must wear colors that would match your skin tone as it is necessary for the colors to enhance and come out. This would not only make your outfit look good but also make you look good. Deciding colors according to the occasion is another thing that you can do.
  8. Buy essential jackets that go with all outfits: Holding on jackets that will go as an overlayer with any kind of outfits is the best for you to have as they are a complete savior. Such jackets can be paired with traditional outfits as well as western ones.
  9. Get accessories according to your style: Accessories add a lot to your outfit. It enhances your outfit. You can select accessories according to your style and outfit colors too.
  10. Get scarfs that you can match with your daily outfits: Scarfs always add up to your outfit. These are the best when it comes to the summer and winter season as they become useful as well as a great add-on to your outfit.
  11. A white shirt is a must in your closet: A white shirt is a must as it can be paired with anything. Be it formal, informal, or western wear, a white shirt can be combined and jazzed up in every way that you want.
  12. Decide your next day outfits prior: It is always better if you decide your next day outfits the night before as it becomes easy for you the next day. Make it easier for yourself by ironing and keeping your outfits ready so in the morning you don't have to look and search for what to wear which can sometimes then result in you being late!
  13. Learn how to layer your outfit correctly: Learning how to layer your outfits can be a great thing as layering your outfits correctly can enhance your look in the right way. You can layer your outfits with a long shrug, a leather jacket, an ethnic jacket, or even with a scarf or a shawl.
  14. Show the correct amount of skin: It is necessary for you to just show the correct amount of skin. This can be decided on the outfit and the occasion that you need to attend. This will help you make a statement too depending on the crowd that you are around.
  15. Select footwear according to your outfit: Footwear is yet another important thing after everything that is mentioned above. There are a variety of footwear options that you can select from but you need to select them based on the outfit that you are going to wear as it will help you carry the outfit perfectly throughout the event and this way you will be comfortable throughout.
The above-mentioned 15 tips are what every one of you needs to keep in mind as they will help you style yourself the best daily. As we mentioned above, it is better to experiment with style always to get to know what style is the best for you. You can also keep changing your styling in a few years if you wish to explore different options.


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