Karva Chauth 2020 in India: Wednesday, 4 November 2020

First of all, congratulations to all the newlywed females out there. It must be such a great feeling to have finally got married to that man of your dreams. And it must be a grand feeling for you as you are nearing your first karwa Chauth celebration. Our designer ethnic wear is all you need for your Karwa Chauth 2020 celebration. Dressing up for your first karwa Chauth has its own significance.

Karwa Chauth Dress Ideas

For the initial Karwa Chauth celebration, most ladies end up dressing in their Shaadi ka joda by pairing up with a skirt, a subtle shirt, or vice versa. But, if you're who is thinking of abandoning her wedding outfit and rather opting for a different collection next, you're at the best site! From minimalistic dresses to massively ornamented ones, we've netted out fascinating fashionable patterns and designs just for you.

Every wife or single women prefer to organize up in the most reliable Indian outfit and put on the most suitable makeup and jewels. This is not simply a day to implore for the long-lasting bond with your partner but also a celebration where you can resemble your most solid so your partner cannot take his eyes off you. It is a day to relive your marriage times repeatedly where you will be consuming your very wedlock lehenga (only if you opt to) or a sari, or a dress, or a kurta set to make you look like a bride all over again. Of course, the outfit should be easy to carry and comfortable to be in those festivity times.


Festivals in India go all round the year. But a few festivals have their own significance in the lives of the newlyweds and also of all the married couples. Karwa Chauth is one of those festivals. Karwa Chauth is a favorable celebration that gets observed 9 days ere the festival of Diwali. ‘Karwa’ denotes a tiny mud bowl of water and ‘Chauth’ implies fourth in the Hindi language.

It leads to the knowledge that the festival happens on the 4th day of the dark fortnight. It is a one-day celebration and is celebrated by the Hindu women. On the day of Karwa Chauth, the wedded women, particularly from Northern India, observe fast from dawn to moonrise for the protection and endurance of their spouses. Many stories are known for Karwa Chauth, a few are listed below:
  1. When Lord Yama came to obtain Satyavan's soul, Savitri implored Lord Yama to impart his life. When he declined, she quit consuming and absorbing and followed Lord Yama who took away her deceased husband. Lord Yama said that she could ask for any other blessing but for the life of her partner. Savitri proposed that she be granted with children. Lord Yama granted. Being a Pati-Vrata (faithful) woman, Savitri would never let any other partner be the father of her kids. Lord Yama was left with no different option but to revive Savitri's man to life. This legend relates to a modified Purnima and not Karva Chauth but is considered for this festival.

  2. A female identified as Karva was intensely dedicated to her husband. Her profound respect and devotion from him opened her Shakti (refined energy). While submerging in a river, her husband was grabbed by a crocodile. Karva compelled the crocodile with cotton thread and asked Lord Yama (the god of the deceased) to address the crocodile to hell. But, Lord Yama declined. Karva endangered to anathematize Lord Yama and defeat him. Lord Yama, scared of being banned by Pati-Vrata (constant) wife, sent the crocodile to hell and granted Karva's spouse with extended life. Karva and her man experienced many times of married joy. To this day, Karva Chauth is observed with high confidence and faith.

Dress ideas for Karwa Chauth celebration 2020 are:

At Idalia, you can find a variety of dress options to choose from for your first Karwa Chauth celebration. Our hues and patterns are very lively and will keep your mood uplifted. Other than the dress, a kurta set with dupatta is also a great option for you to choose from. Simply accessorize a bit more to achieve your look with balis (earrings), bangles, nose ring, and a mang tika and you are all ready for the Karwa Chauth night. So let's take you gliding through them right away. Dress ideas for your celebration are:

  1. Maroon Kurta With Printed Pants & Dupatta
    This maroon kurta with printed pants & dupatta is perfect for your Karwa Chauth celebrations as the color maroon, red color is said to be auspicious. It has a V neck kurta, with three-quarter sleeves, and comes with gota detailing, printed pants, and a dupatta.

  2. Royal Blue Hand Block Floral Print Anarkali Dress
    This is a round neck Anarkali dress that has a floral print and comes with full sleeves, piping detailing, and a flared hem. The royal blue color will give you a regal feel throughout the celebration and the fabric will make you feel comfortable throughout the festivities.

  3. Mehandi Green Anarkali Kurta With Pink Printed Frilled Dupatta
    This kurta set has a contemporary look to it and will make you stand out from the ordinary. Our Green V neck Anarkali Kurta has elbow sleeves with Gota detailing that comes with a pink printed frilled dupatta.

  4. Saffron Printed Kurta With Gold Print Skirt
    This cotton fabric light-colored outfit is very subtle and comes with a gold print skirt that completely gives you the festive look. Our Saffron Printed Round V Neck Kurta has three-quarter sleeves and comes with gota detailing on Kurta and an off white gold printed skirt.

  5. Peach Kurta Set With Brown Printed Dupatta
    Our peach kurta set with brown printed dupatta, comes with a round v neck, has three-quarter sleeves, and also has gota & tassel detailing. This Kurta with palazzo pants comes with a brown printed dupatta.

Apart from the above-mentioned, you can also find many different types of outfits for your Karwa Chauth celebration. You can pair your outfit with proper accessories that match your outfit as it would make your outfit look even more elegant and festive ready.

Don't worry if this is not your first Karwa Chauth, we still have it all covered for you. We have different outfit sizes available that would suit every lady. Our patterns and hues are so lively and energetic that they would not ever go out of style. You can also buy girls dresses online from Idalia's website. Our designs and embellishments are unique and our patterns are according to the latest trends.


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