With the new year comes new colors. Colors have always enhanced the look of everything be it dresses or something else. Colors add life to your outfits. It is always wonderful to wear lively colored outfits. Buy color dresses online that suit your liking and also the occasion that you need to go to.

Introducing Brand New Color Dresses Collection at Idalia


Trending colors are basically what people follow for all kinds of their outfits. Western wear online India comes in various trending colors for you to buy. You can find a variety of trending color outfits on our online portal- Idalia.
Trending colors of 2021 according to the Pantone Color Institute & Shutterstock are:
  1. Soft pink: Pantone states that a soft pink color known as Pale Rosette is known to be tender, sweet, charming, and passionate.
  2. Gray: Pantone says that this color represents dependability, as to fellowship, nonpartisanship, stability, and sociability.
  3. Rich yellow gold: This color according to Pantone represents the auspicious events, capital, wealth, and plenty of happy events encountered in life’s importance.
  4. Powdery blue: Pantone anticipates this powdery blue to be huge this springtime because of its calming energy. This color is basically a pale greyish blue color that symbolizes wisdom and confidence.
  5. Off-white: Shutterstock expects this off-white color, the earthy color to be successful because it is a splendid and peaceful tone. This color represents innocence.
  6. Bright yellow: The bright yellow shade is intended to provoke faith and encouragement. Bright yellow is a strong, absolute color because it is the color of the sun, bright yellow is usually connected with warmness and enthusiasm. Other confident connections with the shade incorporate joy, faith, and delight.
  7. Deep teal: The deep teal color is stimulated by the stillness of the sea. This shade is described for the colored region nearby the eye of the popular teal bird. Teal connects the calming qualities of blue with the rejuvenation properties of green. It is a revitalizing and rejuvenating shade.
  8. Burnt red-orange: The burnt red-orange tone is assumed to have a seasonless petition. Burnt orange identifies by fall, provoking a sensation of warmness and convenience.
  9. Pastel green: According to the growing inclination of planting, hiking, and other free exercises. It is also perceived as the shade of prosperity, confidence, rejuvenation, and freshness. Pastel green is particularly prone to mention the public of the term.
  10. Deep blue: Pantone presumes the color to be approved with characters who prefer the shade and are seeing for a novel color. The deep blue is usually used to express grace, power, and knowledge and is assumed to stand on its own.
A similar shade of all of the above-mentioned colors can also be found on our online portals "Colors" section. Given below are the exact colors that you all can find in this section on our website.


At Idalia, we have recently catered a new range of brand new colors dresses collection that entirely focuses on outfits that are entirely based on the colors that have been launched on our website.
Buy designer ethnic wear online that can be acquired in various brand new colors from our online portal- Idalia.
  1. Pink color: In this section, you will find a variety of Pink shades that are available with different prints and patterns. You can find kurta with palazzo pants and also other kinds of kurta sets for yourself.
  2. Black color: Black color is a universal color as it goes with every other color. You can pair any color top with a black palazzo, or with black pants. You can also wear an entirely black outfit and still stand out.
  3. White color: White color depicts peace. You can find white dresses online on our online portal that come with different patterns and embellishments on them making it a go-to option for everyone out there.
  4. Maroon color: Maroon is dark brown-red in shade, a darker shade than burgundy, but not as solid as red. Maroon is usually utilized to describe great and intense things such as courage, artistic ideas, and much more. Maroon is frequently worn for auspicious events.
  5. Mustard color: The Mustard color signifies Creativity and Unlikeness. This shade implies a very spontaneous character and private thought, being particularly relevant to self-expression. The tone mustard can strengthen and incite the mind and body, can trigger emotions of warmness, and can also improve positive sentiments.
  6. Navy blue color: Navy blue invokes sensations of energy and power rather than the thoughts of leisure and calm that go simultaneously with more conventional tones of blue. Darker tones of blue manage to bend more towards thoughts of power and influence. This shade is mostly preferred by many these days.
  7. Sage green color: Sage green is a shade that can represent enlightenment. As a green shade, it additionally conveys harmony and maturity and also talks of botany and creation. This sage green hue is definite and can be paired with darker shades of your choice.
You will majorly find Kurtas, Dresses, Palazzos, Pants, and Kurta sets in all these new color collections. Select from a variety of options for yourself and your loved ones as well.


Outfits that you can find in this new color dresses collection at Idalia are:
Baby Pink Embroidered Kurta With Pants: This is a Round Neck Straight Kurta that appears with listing on both Kurta and also on Sleeves. This embroidered kurta set has Full Sleeves, and additionally reaches with a pair of Embroidered Pants. Find this baby pink and many more Kurta sets at Idalia that are available in various prints and patterns.
  1. Black Waistband Palazzo: Our Black Waistband Palazzo has Half Elastic Waistband, and also incorporates Two Pockets. This black waistband palazzo will resemble the most desirable when paired with a western top or a tunic.
  2. Off White Checkerd Dress: This Off White Checkerd Dress is a Boat neck checkered dress that comes with three-quarter sleeves, has thread detailing, and also appears with plaited neck detailing. This dress can additionally be diminished as a kurta and united with pants or palazzo.
  3. Maroon Kurta With Palazzo Pants: This Maroon Kurta With Palazzo Pants is a round neck kurta that comes with full bell sleeves that has a printed frill and gota detailing on tips. It furthermore arrives with palazzo pants. This kurta set is a need to hold in your wardrobe because of the novel sleeves that it has.
  4. Solid Mustard Top: Our Solid Mustard Top is a Mustard color top that appears with a Mandarin collar, that comes with Three Quarter bell sleeves. This mustard top additionally arrives with button detailing, and also has plaited waist, and frill detailing. This solid top can be furthermore be paired with pants or trousers. Buy western wear online India that is a must-have for your closet and can also be accessed in various forms.
  5. Navy Blue A Line Kurta: This Navy Blue A line Kurta comes with a Mandarin collar, has 3 quarter Sleeves, and arrives with gota and Button Detailing. This kurta can be paired with a long skirt or palazzo. This A line kurta is the best for your small celebrations.
  6. Sage Green Flared Kurta: Our Sage green flared kurta arrives with a round v neck and has tucked three-quarter sleeves. Furthermore, it has ranged pleats detail all over on the sides. It also comes with a front slit and a flared hem. The shade of this flared kurta is calming and can be matched with pants, or palazzo of your choice.


Apart from the above-mentioned outfits, you will find many more outfits under the "Colors" section. All the colors are so lively that they will always help uplift your mood. You can also gift these outfits to your friends or family members. All these outfits are made out of good quality materials. Idalia is an apparel brand whose outfits are "Made in India". Our couturiers assist us to produce the modern inclinations and support connect them with the ethnic wear patterns emerging in Modernized ethnic wear. We assert that you will be obliged to retreat back to our online portal just for the High-quality textiles that we present. Subscribe to the house of Idalia and reveal astonishing novel designs for yourself!