Republic Day 2021 in India: Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Republic day 2021 marks the 72nd Republic Day for India. Every year on this day, it is a public holiday and hence, we all come out to celebrate Republic Day with the same enthusiasm and patriotism. Remembering our leaders and singing the national anthem makes everyone proud, doesn't it? And hence, to mark this celebration, Idalia has a collection of Tricolor ethnic outfits that would perfectly fit your celebrations. Buy designer ethnic wear online today and get ready for your celebrations in advance.

Republic Day 2021: Ideas for Dressing in Tricolor This Year


The Constitution of India was adopted by the Indian Constituent Assembly on 26th November 1949 and came into force from 26th January 1950 with democratic government practice, building the nation's transformation towards growing into an independent government. 26th January was accepted as the day for Republic day because it was on this day in the year 1929 when the Declaration of Indian Independence or also known as Purna Swaraj was announced by the Indian National Congress as faced to the Dominion rank submitted by the British Regime.

Significance of Tricolor in Indian Flag

In the Indian National flag, the first line is of Saffron color. Saffron color symbolizes the power and strength of the nation. The central line is white in color. The White color designates calm and honesty with Dharma Chakra blue in color. The Dharma Chakra represents the "wheel of the rule" created by the third century, Maurya Emperor Ashoka. The Dharma chakra aims to determine that there is living in action and destruction in stagnation. The third and the last line is green in color and the green color bestows the productivity, maturity, and auspiciousness of the country.

Evolution of the Tricolor in the Indian National Flag

It is absolutely astounding to understand the different variations that our Indian National Flag went within following its 1st initiation. It was identified or recognized through our national fight for independence. The progression of the Indian National Flag navigated through several difficulties to come to everything it is now. In a way, it displays the political progress of the country.
Given below are the changes that the Indian national flag went through:
  1. The first Indian national flag in India is known to have been raised on 7th August in the year 1906 in Calcutta that is now known as Kolkata. The Indian national flag was formed of 3 horizontal stripes of the color red, yellow, and green.
  2. The second Indian national flag was raised in Paris by Madame Cama and her group of expatriated revolutionists in the year 1907. This was very comparable to the first Indian national flag but that the first strip had only 1 lotus but 7 stars indicating the Saptarishi. This Indian national flag was also presented at a socialist convention in Berlin.
  3. The third Indian national flag was hoisted up in the year 1917 when our administrative strife had received a sharp turn. Dr. Annie Besant & Lokmanya Tilak raised the Indian national flag through the Home rule movement. This Indian National flag had 5 red & 4 green horizontal bands organized alternately, with 7 stars in the saptarishi arrangement super foisted on them. In the left-hand top corner, at the pole tip was the Union Jack. There was additionally a white crescent and star in one curve.
  4. The fourth Indian national flag was created during the concourse of the All India Congress Committee which assembled at Bezwada, now known as Vijayawada in the year 1921. An Andhra juvenility made an Indian national flag and delivered it to Mahatma Gandhiji. It was produced up of 2 colors- Red and green. Both the colors depicting the 2 significant associations i.e. Hindus & Muslims. Later, Mahatma Gandhiji proposed the summation of a white strip to describe the outstanding associations of India & the spinning wheel to symbolize the development of the country.
  5. The fifth Indian national flag was created in the year 1931 and was a milestone in the memoir of the Indian national flag. A decision was announced to adopt a Tricolor flag as the Indian national flag. This flag, the forbear of the existing one. It had saffron, white and green with Mahatma Gandhiji's spinning wheel at the middle. It was, though, explicitly affirmed that it showed no collective importance and meant to be understood so.
  6. The sixth and the very current existing Indian national flag was adopted on 22nd July in the year 1947. The Constituent Assembly chose it as Free Indian National Flag. Following the coming of Independence, the colors and their importance continued to be the same. Just the Dharma Charkha of Emperor Ashoka was chosen in the position of Mahatma Gandhiji's spinning wheel as the emblem on the Indian national flag. Therefore, the tricolor Indian national flag of the Congress Party ultimately enhanced the tricolor national flag of Independent India.

Outfit ideas for Republic Day

People tend to dress in Tricolor on Republic Day. And hence, at Idalia, we have a range of outfits that suit the Republic day celebrations. You can find Women's Kurtas & Kurtis online on our portal. Outfits at Idalia are:
  1. Orange Solid Straight Kurta: Our Orange solid straight kurta is the most appropriate outfit for this year's Republic day celebrations. This Orange Red rayon slub solid straight kurta comes with a mandarin collar and has a button placket. It further has Pom-pom detailing in sleeves that are three-quarter sleeves and has side slits.
  2. White Printed Kurta With Sky Blue Lining Printed Palazzo Pants: Our printed white round neck kurta has three quarter bell sleeves, combining with a pair of printed palazzo pants.
  3. Gold Print Dark Green Anarkali Kurta: Our Gold print Anarkali kurta, arrives with a closed Chinese collar, has three-quarter sleeves, comes with Gota detailing, and is an ankle-length kurta, with a flared hem. Best suitable for your celebrations and gatherings.
  4. White Flower Print Top: Our White flower printed top comes with a round neck, has three quarter sleeves with frill detailing. This printed top can be paired with pants or trousers of your choice. this is best suitable for your fusion wear.
  5. White Kurta With Printed Pants: Our White Kurta with printed pants have a round neck kurta and comes with three quarter sleeves. Additionally, this outfit arrives with Potli Buttons detailing, and comes with a pair of Printed Pants. A perfect outfit for the Republic day celebrations and is the most comfortable outfit for the day.
Apart from these outfits, there are many more outfits that you can find on our online portal. Buy dresses online India that fit your Republic day celebrations as well as other festivities.


Republic day is all about celebrating India and its freedom. To make this celebration enjoyable for you, Idalia brings in the most comfortable and easy to wear outfits just so you can enjoy your celebration easily. Idalia is a brand who's outfitting are "Made in India". Our stylists help us bring the recent trends and help combine them with the ethnic wear designs resulting in Modernized ethnic wear. We affirm that you are bound to return back to our website just because of the High-quality fabrics that we provide. We hope you have a very pleasant buying encounter with us online. Here's wishing you and your family a very Happy 72nd Republic Day! Jai Hind!
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