A women's closet is not an easy thing that can be managed or arranged easily. Women's clothing is not as easy as just to pick and buy from any store. A lot goes into it. You first need to choose the perfect size, then look for the prints and patterns that you wish to have in your closet. Western wear is a bit easy to buy but when it comes to ethnic wear, a lot goes into it.

You can buy from a variety of outfits when it comes to Indian ethnic wear because of the trims and cuts that we have to offer on our online store, Idalia. Our Modernized ethnic wear has everything ethnic with a modern twist.
Women's Dress Style
When it comes to events and occasions, a woman needs to have every kind of outfit ready in her closet. And it is also necessary for her to dress well and the most favorite outfit, as it would not only make her look good and presentable but also comfortable with what she's wearing. As in the end, it all comes down to looking all jazzed up but being the most convenient and easy with what one wears.

If your style is ethnic but you like having modern touch to it, our online portal is the best to come to. And to make it easier for every woman to decide what to wear, we have listed below a few ethnic designer dresses online that would make your outfit shopping much easier.

A guide to women's dress style for all events and occasions is:
  1. Pink Bandhani Print Flashed Dress: Not too heavy or light, this flared hem dress can be worn for your Sunday brunch and also for your family gathering. It is a round neck dress with full sleeves and gota work detailing. This can be worn to festivities as well as to traditional family functions.
  2. Sage Blue Textured Kurta With Pants: Light-colored kurta with pants are the most minimal kurta set that you will find on our portal. This round neck blue kurta comes with full sleeves and has thread as well as potli detailing and can be worn with a pair of pants. These can be worn for your family outings or gatherings and can be paired with your favorite accessory.
  3. Rose Gold Layered Kurta With Blue Upper: The best for your outing with friends and also meeting your relatives. This layered kurta comes with a round neck and three-quarter sleeves. This flared kurta dress comes with a patch pocket. This is a perfect example of modernized ethnic wear because of the upper layer that it has.
  4. Premium Green Shrug: You can also pair your plain solid colored kurta with a shrug. This makes your outfit looks modern even though it is ethnic. It can be paired with a pair of leggings or pants. This can be a good Sunday afternoon outfit with friends and family.
  5. Turquoise Blue Printed Dress: Our printed dresses are the best for your festivities and celebrations. This printed dress has a three-quarter sleeve, and comes with a waistband, and has a tassel, thread, and pleats detailing. A perfect outfit for you to flaunt yourself in.
Now let's talk about the dress code for every event and occasion:
  • Wedding: When it comes to attending weddings, we all are very dicey about what to wear. It is usually a black-tie or a white-tie event except when the bride and the groom have chosen a theme of their choice. And when it comes to themes, it can be anything related to different colors, or patterns, or fabric type. With us, you can be wedding-ready.
  • A casual party: Need to attend a party directly after your office hours? We have it sorted for you. Our western wear and upper layer dresses are the best for you when it comes to attending casual parties.
  • Dinner: For dinners, it depends on with whom you are going to be interacting. If it's a professional dinner, you need to dress up that way, and if it is a casual family or friends dinner, you need to choose an outfit accordingly.
  • Luncheons: Luncheons are all about bright and airy clothes. The more light and cheerful you would look, the more enjoyable your lunch would be with your friends and family.
  • Picnics: Our western wear is the perfect fit for your picnics and outings. Bright colors, comfort is all we give to you with our outfits that would be perfect for your day off.
  • Interview ready: Not all the companies follow the formal attire rule. and for the one's who don't follow this rule, we have the perfect semi-formal outfits that you can wear to your interviews that are completely comfortable and easy to carry outfits.
  • Any traditional ritual: When it comes to rituals, mostly the color of the outfits are already decided. Hence, it becomes easier for you to pick the color. With us, you can give a modern twist to your outfits and still look all tradition ready. Our cut and trims are so unique that you would not find it elsewhere.
Bringing to you the most comfortable and easy outfit options with different unique prints and patterns is what we always strive for. There are many more outfits and in different hues and patterns available on our website, for you to go browse and then select from. All these would help you figure out what you need in your daily life that is full of events and occasions. All the hues and patterns available at our label are lively and full of life. It helps you jazz up for your events and occasions as well as makes you feel all comfortable while attending the event or the occasion.

Our outfits are beautiful in itself, but can also be jazzed up more according to your convenience by adding appropriate and your favored accessories to it. Accessories always add to your outfit positively. And selecting the right as well as the perfect amount of jewelry does wonder. Also, not just the accessory but pairing your outfit with the exact correct footwear is like a cherry on the cake. But, in the end, it totally is on you how you wish the look to be- simple, minimal, or all jazzed up.

We bring to you top quality outfits that are made by our designers consisting of various trims and patterns that you won't find elsewhere. Our quality is guaranteed and we affirm to you that you would want to buy from our website again and again because of the quality and also the elegance that our outfits hold.


At Idalia, our designer assists us to make our label different as they promote clothes based on the most up-to-date trends. From kurta & kurta sets online to dresses, palazzos to tops & tunics, we hold it all blended just for you. We help you in accomplishing your daily outfits joyous and unblemished. We appreciate the spirit of Indian women. Also, we are a label whose garments are "Made in India". You can buy from our online website and also find us on Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Limeroad & Paytm. We would be glad to have you on our side. Happy shopping with us!